Cell Leaders Workshop

Dear Cell Leader (elder),

You're cordially invited as a Mansfield CRC Cell Leader (or leader in training or elder), to our next Cell Leaders Workshop. This is the one meeting you dare not miss! This is where it all happens! We're going to
  • Receive Teaching & engage into discussion regarding the newest developments in the area of small group leadership
  • Share breakfast and get to know each other better
  • Build a strong bond with each other in Christ Jesus our Lord
  • Encourage one another as Cell Leaders and share great Cell Ideas
  • Pray together
Where: At our Church (Corner of Ham and Wishart Rd, Wishart, Brisbane).
When: Please visit our Calendar for specific dates
Time:  9h00 - 12h00 
Click HERE to R.S.P.V Pastor Gerhard Oberholzer. We really need to know whether you do or don't plan to attend!

More about Cell Leaders Workshops


All our Cell Leaders (including Elders, Kingdom Kids, ROC Youth and Lighthouse leaders) should understand what we are doing and how we are contributing to the mission of our Congregation.

We all are part of playing in Gods team in Mansfield. It is necessary to grow together as a team, and we really want to create a unity amongst us as Gods children. 

We need to pray together, speak openly on our successes and failures and build into each other's ministries.

The planning is to have 3workshops... one every 4 months.  We would really appreciate it if you can be part of the team. All leaders of cell groups and youth groups (including Sunday school groups) will receive guidance and training at these work shops.

There will be time for suggestions (on material etc.), and a time for questions and answers. We will then as a work group decide on the appropriate action/s to take in order to streamline our ministry. These suggestions may end up with session (the good thing is that it will be grass-roots motivated straight from your hearts and experience based as leader/servants on the ground).

 We will always use Gods Word (please bring your Bibles along), have an input session, taken mainly from the e-church ministries of Dr. Stephan Joubert (gaining from his all over the world experience with church leaders and widely recognized books and theology works he has produced). Our own study and experience will be incorporated in our search for Gods will with our different cell groups, as well as the cell group ministry as a whole.

I truly believe that our regular getting together in this way will develop our leadership skills, lead us in sharing the mission of Mansfield CRC, develop us as a loving ministry in unity and equip us to do Gods work in the Cell Groups where we are called to serve Him. This will be your ministry life line, spiritual gym and forum for voicing your concerns and suggestions, thus building into each other a Christ-like character. The idea is to be revived to do His work.

Please email/phone me if you have any suggestions or questions regarding the above mentioned program.

In Christ Jesus

Rev. Gerhard Oberholzer (0418 441 596; obee@mansfield-crc.com) 

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