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Payment Requisition

Date: 16/06/10

Dear MCRC Ministry Leader, Session member, Minister, Home Missionary, Admin staff or other person likely to submit a payment requisition!

I attach the updated MCRC payment requisition form that will be used from today (also refer the email below). Please note the following:

· The old form will no longer be accepted for processing after Friday 18 June 2010.

· I you have not received the attachment, or if you are unable to open it, let me know and I will send you one using a different email account.

· When printing or copying the form, please ensure that you print or copy it double sided, as not to lose the info on page 2.

· A number of forms will be placed in the Bookkeeper in-tray in the church office before or on Friday 18 June.

· No payment will be made without a duly completed payment requisition form.

· Please DO READ AND FOLLOW the instructions on the form before completing it.

· The form will not be accepted for processing if all fields are not completed. When in doubt – ask the relevant Ministry Leader.

· The Bookkeeper will not forward the form to the Ministry Leader for approval, since this will break vital direct communication between the person submitting the form and the relevant ministry leader.

Please do not hesitate to ask me if you need any further information on this!


Nico de Jager

Resources Management Ministry

Dear MCRC Ministry Leader,

Please read this email carefully.

You have all fulfilled an important task in submitting your budgets for the 2010-2011 financial year, and in order to have done that you have planned the financial aspects of your ministry for the coming year. These budgets are being presented to session on the coming Tuesday for consideration.

Another key process to both empower you and to hold you accountable for the financial expenditure of your ministry, is the payment requisition and payment approval process for any MCRC related expenditure. It is important that all ministry (and congregation) members have a clear understanding on how they must request a payment or reimbursement of expense for their ministries. In order to make this process as simple as possible, the MCRC bookkeeper and I have revised the “Reimbursement for expenses on behalf of CRCM” form, and I present you with the new Payment Requisition form MR01 (see attached).

Please note the following:

You can use this form for both Payment Requisitions (i.e. to pay a 3rd party for services/goods delivered or to be delivered), OR to make a reimbursement claim for expenses incurred on behalf of MCRC. In both cases the relevant Ministry Leader for that expense type must approve the request (this may be the same person making the request). Payment Requisitions are always the preferred option and you should only pay for expenses using your own credit card or cash when it is impractical due to perhaps timing constraints to do a payment request. When you pay for goods/services with your own money and you are not the Ministry Leader for that expense type, you risk that the relevant Ministry Leader may not approve the expense, and then you will not get reimbursed.

You also have to specify if the payment is to be made via electronic fund transfer (providing BSB, account, account holder and bank info), or via cheque, or by the Bookkeeper using the MCRC VISA card.  Electronic payments are always faster and are the preferred option in most cases (less chance for fraud, lost cheques, etc). If you are requesting electronic payment to an account that is already loaded on our internet banking system, you do not have to specify the BSB and account number again (when in doubt – supply the details). If you request a cheque payment, the bookkeeper makes out a cheque and places it in the bookkeeper in-tray in the office (she visits the church once a week for bookkeeping duties). The treasurer AND another authorised member then have to sign the cheque when they are at the church (usually the next Sunday), and then on the following week the bookkeeper will retrieve the signed cheque and post it. You can appreciate that this takes much longer than an electronic payment that can in urgent cases be approved by the treasurer and authorised member on the same day – all via the internet. Please note that VISA card payments will ONLY be allowed if electronic payments (electronics funds transfer or cheque payment is not available, e.g. when ordering something on-line. In this case please attach full details on exactly how the payment must be made, e.g. screen captures/printouts. The treasurer and authorized congregation member will also have to approve this payment via email before it can be made.

One key addition to the new form is the expense code field. All the expense codes are listed on the second page of this form (please make sure to select the double sided option when printing or photo-copying the form). No payment will be made if the correct expense code is not stated. This is to ensure that the expense is approved by the correct Ministry Leader (empowering the relevant Ministry Leader to take charge of his/her ministry expenses), and also that it is entered correctly in our accounting system. If anyone is unsure about which expense code to choose, they should ask the relevant ministry leader.

Every month you will receive a statement of the monthly and accumulated year to date expenditure of all the ministries, as well as a form stating the full year and year to date budget for your ministry (note to bookkeeper – I will do the latter). Buy comparing these two statements, as well as exercising control over expenditure in your ministry (by using the attached form), you will be able to take charge of the financial control over your ministry.

I now request your feedback especially in relation to the expense types as listed on the 2nd page of the attached form. Please let me know if you (really) require any additional expense types to accurately track the financial expenditure of your ministry. The expense types listed are from the budget that we compiled from your submissions. You may notice some changes as we re-grouped some items to more relevant ministries. Please do email or call me if you wish to discuss these expense types (or any part of the form).

If I do not receive any feedback from you by 7pm on Monday 31 May, I will assume that you are comfortable with the form and its use.


Nico de Jager

Help with GST etc

Help with GST & Exempt Benefits for Religious Practitioners

Dear Brothers and Sisters,

In WA we have the blessing of having Add-Ministry Inc, established by a very respected and experienced accountant who has built his practice around servicing the Christian not for profit organisations. He has now set up a website, where their earlier newsletters etc will be posted.

I would suggest that all treasurers would benefit from visiting that site from time to time to stay abreast of new developments.

This accountant (Noel Harding) was the one who provided me with the various info at the time of the implementation of the GST and the Exempt Benefits issues for Religious Practioners – he certainly knows his stuff and is called upon by the ATO from time to time to provide input on matters affecting the religious and not for profit sector.

The website is

Blessings in your work.

Rev Peter Abetz
168 Twickenham Dve
Kingsley WA 6026

Phone: Home & Office +61 (0)8 9408 1023
Mobile: 0409 076 155

Grace Christian Reformed Church

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