This journal is a work book which helps you to record those precious lessons you learn from our Lord Jesus Christ himself on a daily base. You’re advised to take this journal with you to your Cell Group meetings so that you can enrich other cell group members by sharing these precious lessons with them. This a wonderful way of participating in the process of discipling others, and being discipled by them.

The work book leaves space for the date, and then asks the following three questions, and again gives you a chance to write down a short prayer in response to what you’ve learnt and realised:

Question 1:

Has anything happened to you yesterday to make you realise that God is present in your life?

Question 2:

What has the Lord Jesus Christ taught you during your daily devotions today? Where is it written in the Bible? Write the key verse down.

Question 3:

Was there any part in your Bible readings today that you didn’t understand, or that you couldn’t or didn’t want to do? Write it down clearly so that you can get the necessary assistance during your next cell group workshop.

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