Orders of Family Services





[35 min]
P&W Team rehearsal

[10 min]
People enter church and settle in while Musicians take a short break from rehearsals & attendprayer-time in church office
Visual Announcements[1]


1.   9:30
[5 min]


Call to Worship       

Rules for Living

Assurance of pardon
[Faith Creed optional]
Led by Leader of Service

2.   9:35
[10 min]
Praise & Worship
P&W Team

3.   9:45
[5 min]
Kid’s Talk[3]
(See footnote)

Led by person rostered for Kid’s Talk
4.  9:45
[5 min]
Scripture Reading & Prayer[4]
Led by rostered Reader

5.  9:50
[25 min]
6.  10:15
[10 min]
Moment of Contemplation &
Worship & Testimony[5]
P&W Team
7.  10:25
[5 min]

Led by Duty Elder or person arranged by Duty Elder
8.  10.30
[5 min]
Love Offering[6]

Duty Elder
P&W Team
9.  10:35
[3 min]
Doxology Song
Worship Team
8.  10:35
[2 min]
Benediction / Blessing[7] /Invitation for Special Prayer[8]
Led by Leader of Service


[5 min]

[10 min max]
Announcements[9] & DVD Feedback

[Guest Speaker[10]from time to time]

Led by Duty Elder
(This is not a second worship service!)

People invited for coffee / tea (‘New Aussies’ involve ‘Old Aussies’ in social interaction

Led by Duty Elder

Play CD with edifying music

Special Prayer
Prayer Team
Pray for those who need special prayer… and if there is no one, we’ll pray for our congregation.
People socialize in Hall
Kingdom Kids Lessons finished!

KINGDOM KIDS [Kids Worship & Kids Lessons]

1. 9.50
[5 min]
Those Teachers & Children who CHOOSE not to sit through the sermon, leave for Kids Praise in Hall
Kids Praise Leaders & Teachers & Children
2. 9.55
[15 min]
Kids Praise       
Kids Talk

Kids Praise Leaders
Those Rostered for Kids Talk  
3. 10.15
[30 min]
Kids Lessons (Classes)
All Teachers
4. 10.45
Kingdom Kids Classes Closed

[1] Use the time to show short, well prepared video or DVD clips or power point presentations, informing the congregation of activities our congregation has been or could be involved in,
CD With edifying music to be played                       
[2] Grace & peace be yours in abundance, through the knowledge of God the Father, and of our Lord Jesus Christ, through the powerful working of the Holy Spirit

[3] (takes place in church only on ‘No Kingdom Kids Sundays’… during Lord’s Supper, school holidays, and long weekends… otherwise takes place in hall combined with Kingdom Kids Worship, during sermon in church)
[4] After this bracket, on ‘Kingdom Kids Sundays’, a visual slide on the white screen will announce: “Those kids who want to go to Kids Talk and Kids Praise can exit to Hall. Those who want to listen to the sermon in church can exit to Hall just after the sermon, for Kids Lesson

Parents either CHOOSE to keep their children with them during the sermon OR to send children to join  Kids Talk & Kids Praise in Hall during sermon.
Teachers CHOOSE to stay in church for sermon, OR to join Kids Talk & Kids Praise in Hall, only to join Kids Lessons after the sermon.]
[5] VisualsDuring moment of Contemplation, visual slide on the white screen will announce: "Those teachers and children who CHOSE to stay for sermon, move straight to their ROC Youth and Kids Lesson Classes in hall."
Sound: Play soft edifying background music… while Worship Team moves to platform and spontaneously leads congregation in Worship
[6] Announced by Duty Elder, who also welcomes visitors, new families and invites them for coffee after service. He asks people to sit down for the  Benediction, after the Doxology song.
Sound: CD With edifying music to be played during Love Offering
P&W Teamfamiliarise congregation with new song.
[7] The grace of the Lord Jesus Chrisand the love of God and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit, be with you all.”
[8] “If any one of you would like to dedicate your life to Christ, or who need special prayer for any reason… then please feel free to come to the front just after the announcements. Members of our prayer team will be waiting here for you.” 

[9] Verbal Announcements. Make only very important verbal announcements. Be to the point! Refer to Website for more information.

[10] Guest Speakers have to be pre-arranged with Session

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