Orientation for New Cell Leaders

Date: Please see our Calendar for next date

Place: MCRC

Are you interested in setting up a cell group in your area? We invite you to participate in our Orientation Seminar for New Cell Leaders. During this seminar, we will cover the following themes:
  • Our Plan of Action
  • A Cell-Based Church
  • The Heart of Cell-Based Ministry
  • Participation in Cell Groups
  • Functioning of Healthy Cell Groups
  • Maintaining Order in a Cell Group
  • Development Stages in a Cell Group
  • Healthy Cell-Based Church Life
  • Cell Group resources
  • Pre-course Reading Material (for those who want to prepare themselves for the seminar) 
For more information and to book your place, please phone, sms or e-mail our pastor: Johann Eloff (040 536 4361; johann@mansfield-crc.com).

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