To enhance the realisation of our mission
  • by stimulating members of the congregation to be witnesses for Christ in word and deed
  • by supporting the work of missions within Australia and overseas by our interest, prayers and gifts
  • by planning and organising specific mission projects and programs.
Missions Projects

New Life Foundation

We support a young persons orphanage in Myanmar (Burma),
  • by providing ongoing financial support to leaders/workers within the orphanage in charge of up to 180 orphans over three sites. Annually an education tour is organised and manned by members of our local denomination and others to foster Christian understanding and growth through Bible workshops, music, dance, craft and worship. 
  • by assisting them in their physical needs through construction and other work programs to facilitate a training path for further local employment.
Overseas Missionary Support
  • We support in prayer and finances, Bahtoo and his wife and three children, in his efforts to spread the Good News in a predominately Buddhist country. Bahtoo hopes to develop Christian churches in the southern region of Burma where very little support is on offer.
  • We encourage congregational participation in our denominational project in the Solomon Islands (Swim Team). We hope to encourage the youth, and others, to attend SWIM teams in a 2 yearly cycle.
  • We also support listpremier.com in its efforts to reach the lost for Christ through an interactive educational medium ('Shine'). The program encourages participants to engage themselves in Christian education through touch screen interaction. The ‘Shine’ program hopes to seek a worldwide audience as well as locally, as an educational tool to further God’s glory.
Red Frogs
  • Our High School children are supported in prayer and finances to offer community outreach and assistance during ‘schoolies’ week at the Gold Coast. This is proving a ‘life changing’ interaction for many of our young people who attend.
Prison Ministry
  • One of our church members is actively involved in reaching the lost for Christ within our prison system, as prison chaplain. He attends regularly on a roster system involving other denominational Church Chaplains. This is a non paid role, but the Mission Ministry is dedicated to supporting him financially for an educational outlay required.
Please visit the websites of the following Missions which we support through our prayers
  • Open Doors... serving persecuted Christians worldwide.
  • SU Queensland... changes lives of young Queenslanders for the better.
  • MERF... Middle East Reformed Fellowship.
  • Wycliffe... Good News in anyone's language.
  • Kids 4 Kids... All children's workers and parents need to introduce Aussy kids to kids in poor communities. Based on sound teaching and real life, these materials are thorough, complete and easy to use.The also provide ways for Aussie kids to respond by praying, giving and speaking out.
  • TEAR Australia... Engaging Australian Christians in God's work of justice and compassion... by informing, challenging and empowering Australian Christians to make a biblically-shaped response to suffering and oppressed communities.
  • Gideons International in Australia... Winning others for Christ and distributing God's Word.
  • Rickshaws For India... In India, Rickshaws are a major method of taxi transportation. Sponsoring one with a "Jesus is Lord" sign on it, enables an Indian family to have a debtfree, good income producing small business that permanently supports them.
  • Teen Challenge Care... "Together we can turn the tide on the increase of drug addiction and suicide."
  • Christian Blind Mission International... This ministry seeks out the "least of these" to bring healing.

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