All members of Mansfield Christian Reformed Church are welcome to make proposals to our Session (Church Council) regarding projects that will help us realise our mission.

Please copy and paste the form into a Word document or directly into your email, fill out the form and email it to


If this proposal is a project consisting multiple tasks, then write down for each main task in it's own task frame,
  • How many hours the task will take to complete
  • The name of the individual who will perform the specific task
  • How many of what will be needed at what cost per unit in order to perform the task
  • Total cost for the task
  • Remember to add the total cost for the whole project in the last task frame
  • If this proposal is mainly about a particular goal you feel we should realize, then just fill out the form without adding the detail in the taskbars.

Date: [ ]

Detail of person making the proposal:

Name & Surname: [ ]
E-mail Address: [ ]
Phone Number: [ ]

Specific Objective in Mind with Proposal: [ ]

Motivation for Proposal: [ ]

Dates on which project Starts and Ends: [ ]

Task 1: [ ]

Task 2: [ ]

Task 3: [ ]

Task 4: [ ]

Task 5: [ ]

Total Cost for Project: [ ]

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