ROC Youth

ROC Youth Goal

To enhance the realisation of our mission, by developing a spiritual community for our church youth (age 13-15) and using that as a springboard to outreach to the youth in our local community, by sharing, caring and enjoying the gift of life, by teaching our youth the gospel of Jesus Christ, by worshiping God with joy and contagious enthusiasm, by applying the Bible’s message to daily life, by having fellowship with each other, by planting Cell Groups among our church youth, by developing as an integrated part of the whole congregation of Cell Groups.

    1. Child Protection & Safety Manual
    • Appendix A:  Application to Serve in Children's / Youth Ministry
    • Appendix B:  Checklist for reporting a disclosure (of sexual abuse / harrassment)
    • Appendix C:  Personal Information Required for Excursion / Camp / Activity
    • Appendix D:  Incident Report Form
    • Appendix E: Offsite from Church Program Register

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