Word, Sacraments & Worship


To enhance the realisation of our mission
  • by conducting public worship services, explaining and applying Holy Scripture and administering the sacraments,
  • by leading the congregation to worship our Lord and King in Spirit and in Truth during worship services in a way that is enjoyable and inspiring to all those involved and which is, above all, God honouring,
  • by supplying and producing electronic sound and visual aid for worship services,
  • by planning, organising and co-ordinating every aspect of our worship services, in order to ensure that they will be enjoyable, inspiring and God honouring experiences for the participants,
  • by creating opportunities for members to learn new songs,
  • by developing the vocal talents and musical talents of participating members of ministry teams.

Christian Copyright Licensing International
  • CCLI has been serving the Church in Australia & New Zealand for over 14 years by providing churches with simple, affordable solutions to complex copyright issues and by providing resources to encourage the spirit of worship.
  • Important information about the Church Copyright Licence, and how reperting works for the Licence.
Church Video Licence
  • The Church Video Licence is an excellent resource to help your church legally and affordably show pre-recorded videos and DVDs.

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