The goal of our Administration Ministry, is to enhance the realisation of our mission
  • by keeping a complete record of the arrivals and departures of members,
  • by recording births and deaths, baptisms, professions of faith, marriages and excommunications and other terminations of membership,
  • by administering certificates of membership,
  • by registering new cell groups and specialised ministry teams of our church,
  • by administering an internal newsletter for members,
  • by ensuring that minutes are being kept for all specialised ministry meetings and that it is distributed to all relevant parties,
  • by managing a filing system (electronic as well as on paper), which can be used effectively for internal communication among leaders,
  • by managing an administrative office at the church,
  • by managing a website for the church,
  • by managing the electronic database,
  • by establishing an official written list of communicant members of the congregation, and filing it in the relevant filing cabinet in the administrative office of the church,
  • by seeing to it that, when a communicant member of MCRC has been called to hold or exercise a special office or appointment in the church, this person will be notified in writing on an official letter head by the session clerk.
  • by seeing to it that such a letter is personally delivered to the person by a representative of Session, and by ensuring that the person answers the call in writing, and by seeing to it that all these documents be filed in an appropriate file in the administrative church office.


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