Decision Register

Last Update: 30/10/10

  • All decisions made by Session since March 2003 are included in this document
  • These decisions made by Session has to be read along with our Strategic Plan & Policy Document

Administration Ministry

Blue Cards (29/08/08)
  • That Session will only approve those members who successfully applied to be youth leaders (see application form on our website), to apply for Blue Cards under the auspices of MCRC
  • That Session will ensure that the Blue Cards of all members who resign as youth leaders, be cancelled (Responsible person: Internal Communications Assistant)
  • That Session ensure that all adult members assisting with Kingdom Kids, ROC Youth, and who are directly responsible for working with minors (under 18 y) in any other capacity under the auspices of MCRC, (eg. Lighthouse, Counselling, Profession of Faith, Cell Groups, etc), officially apply to be youth leaders (Responsible person: Internal Communications Assistant).
Counselling Ministry

Good News Counselling (06/06/06)

  • That Dr. Johann Eloff be allowed to focus 2 hours per day, 4 days per week, on performing some of his day-to-day pastoral tasks (CO article 10.b.iv) by providing a specialised (professional) counselling service, firstly to members and visitors, but also to other members of the broader community with pastoral needs, on our premise.
  • That this professional counselling service be rendered under the name: “Good News Counselling” (for advertising and administrative purposes).
  • That “Good News Counselling” will be organised and managed as a Ministry of MCRC, and where necessary, under the Australian Business Number of MCRC.
  • That “Good News Counselling” will only request donations of $60 per one hour session from non-members.
  • That all donations to “Good News Counselling” be treated in line with the financial policy of MCRC.
  • That Dr. Eloff will not gain any financial benefit in any from this initiative.
  • That the services of “Good New Counselling” be advertised and promoted among our members and visitors, as well as in the broader community.
  • That Session will ensure that MCRC as well as Dr. Eloff be legally covered by obtaining the necessary Public Liability Insurance, Personal Indemnity Insurance and Malpractice Insurance.
  • That Dr. Eloff be asked to get and keep the following prerequisites in place, in order to enable him to put our counselling service on a healthy basis, by: Renewing (yearly), his membership of the Australian Counselling Association (Qualified). Renewing (yearly), his membership of Federation of Psychotherapists and Counsellors of Queensland. Renewing (yearly), his Supervision Contract according to ACA standards. Undergoing Ongoing Professional Training at his own cost to fulfil the ACA criteria required for annual membership renewal at practicing level.


According to our Strategic Plan and Policy (see Counselling Ministry), we decided to enhance the realisation of our mission by providing a specialised counselling service for those in need of specialised counselling (inside and outside the church).

Resources Management Ministry

A: Finances

Fundraising (31/09/10)

  • That in all cases where funds are collected from members or visitors of our church by using the communication channels or other resources of our church (e.g. announcements, bulletin, shelf space, etc), and where session approves such a collection, that the funds collected are reported in our financial statements.
Objective: We want to be able to accurately report the involvement of our church and its members in the community and abroad. We also want to be able to measure the effectiveness of collections so that we can best align our resources with the implementation of our mission.

Motivation: Currently when a report is given about our donation to the orphanage in Burma, it does not accurately reflect what our church and its members donate to the orphanage since only the funds donated by the missions ministry is reported, and not the funds from the collection tins. As a congregation we may thus contribute far more than what is reported tot members, and this could discourage members as to the extent that we are involved in missions. We also need to know if this is an effective fundraiser. I do not think we should allow any fund raising project to use any official resources of our church for a collection without sharing that information with us.

Fundraising (31/08/10)

  • No person is allowed to ask in whatever way for any donation, collection, etc using any official forum of our church, including announcements during the service, the bulletin, direct emails to a large section of our church that extend beyond personal friendships, etc, if the (fundraising) project or call for donations has not been officially approved at a session meeting.


Using the objective above, we have decided in the past to support specific fundraisers and calls for donations in our church (e.g. camp oven competition, church fete, 10nth month love offering, etc) and we will continue to do so with prayer. We do however recognise the fact that people may view different calls for donations all as part of their tithing, thus increasing the calls for project related donations and fund raisers may lead to a decrease in tithings. I have personally witnessed on two occasions during the last two months that people ask for donations during announcements for projects that have not been approved at session level. During the last incident (today), I strongly feel that any call for donations should rather have been made to encourage people to tithe obediently so that we can have enough funds in our Mercy Ministry allocation to support the project.

Finance (31/08/04)
  • That Session allows our Treasurer to
    • make an appropriate cash advance available to an official member of our church when urgently required, and rather as the exception than the rule
    • on a basis of not more than one advance per month,
    • for the sole purpose of enabling the member to purchase items or services which can not be paid by cheque, which have been budgeted for by our congregation, after getting at least 3 quotations where possible and receiving the Treasurer’s permission, on behalf of the congregation.

Expensive services or items occasionally can not be purchased without a credit card or cash.

When members pay large amounts in advance from their own accounts and then claim it back, we make it inconvenient for our members… and the church has to depend on their goodwill in order to purchase what we need.

Budget (25/08/09)

  • The budget process needs to start earlier so that every stage can be implemented thoroughly and no rushed decisions are forced on session or by session. There is also a need for a well documented process so that everyone in a leadership position (ministry) knows how it works. The suggested timeline is as follows:
  • MARCH – The Resources Ministry Leader will hold a meeting where all the other ministry leaders must be present. During this info meeting he will brief the ministry leaders on the budget process and provide guidance for them to start the budget process.
  • APRIL – All the ministry leaders need to prepare their budget requirements for the next financial year during April. The submissions are to be submitted (preferably via email) to the Resources Ministry Leader. Submissions are expected to be well motivated and aligned with the vision and mission of Mansfield Christian Reformed Church. The ministry budgets must contain priorities indicating which items are important or urgent, and which items are of lesser importance. The submission deadline is 30 April. Ministry leaders need to be held accountable to this deadline.
  • MAY – The Resources Ministry analyse and combine the ministry budgets during the first two weeks of May. The Treasurer must distribute the proposed budget via email to all the session members. This deadline for the distribution of the budget to all session members is 20 May. The Resources Ministry need to commit to this date. It is very important that each session member has the budget at least five days prior to the session meeting. During the session meeting in May (usually last week of the month), session has an opportunity to discuss and approve the budget. Either the Treasurer or the Resources ministry leader must be present at this session meeting to answer any questions.
  • JUNE – The budget that session approved will be distributed via the bulletin to all congregational members on the first Sunday in June. Individual salaries will not be shown on this budget, but only the total for all employees (i.e. ministers, home missionaries, Etienne and Ruth’s salary, etc). In the same bulletin will be an announcement of a Budget meeting that will coincide with the session meeting in June. (The session meeting will be directly after the Budget meeting, which starts at 7:00 pm). The purpose of the Budget meeting is to provide an opportunity for any congregational member to ask questions about the budget. Again either the Treasurer of Resource ministry leader must be present. Ministry leaders are encouraged to be present to motivate their requests if asked to do so. Members who cannot attend the Budget meeting can always raise any concerns prior to the Budget meeting with their Elder. If changes need to be made to the budget from input received before or during the Budget meeting, it will be done at the session meeting directly after the Budget meeting. If there are changes that cannot be resolved at this meeting, it will be referred back to the Resources Ministry. (I do not foresee that this will happen if every ministry leader and person involved in the budget process has performed their duty diligently.) The final budget should be ready for distribution by the treasurer to all ministry leaders on 30 June.
  • The AGM will be held during the month of November on a weekday (Tuesday) at 7:30 pm. The agenda for the AGM will be:
    • Approval of previous AGM minutes;
    • Business Report (Financial statements);
    • Appointment of auditors.
  • Note that no feedback from the ministries will be made during the AGM (see next page for more detail on feedback). In stead an annual report of all ministry activities will be compiled by the Resources Ministry leader from inputs provided by all the other ministry leaders. This annual report can be distributed with the agenda for the AGM.
  • Feedback from the ministries will no longer take place at the AGM. In stead, each ministry will be allocated a month in which they have to provide a one page feedback of their ministry to the congregation. This is the minimum feedback that we expect from each ministry. In addition they are free to use the following opportunities for feedback, using their own initiative:
    • The church website;
    • The church blog;
    • PowerPoint presentations during the collection of the love offering;
    • Info sessions AFTER the Family SERVICE, that is AFTER the announcements so that people can choose if they want to attend this, or have coffee or tea, (or go home). Note that this is explicitly NOT part of the service;
    • Info session evenings possibly combined with fund raisers;

Proposed by: Nico de Jager. Dear Brothers, I write this proposal to address the Budget Process, the Annual General Meeting (AGM), Ministry feedback, and the integration of these activities with one another. One of my main concerns last year was the poor attendance of the AGM, where we had difficulty to get a quorum present to constitute a valid meeting. Due to this poor attendance, feedback from the ministries did not reach the congregation very effectively. Another area where we need to improve is the budget process, where we are already late according to (my interpretation of) best practice guidelines. This proposal aims to maximise the effective and timely distribution of information. I will appreciate your input to refine this proposal where necessary.

Projects (21/10/03)

  • That the Project Flowchart format on the website be used by all Ministry Leaders in planning all of their projects for the rest of the financial year.
  • That filled out Project Flowcharts be made available, first to Session for initial approval, and then to Resources Management Ministry for recommendations to Session for final approval.
  • That the relevant information available on these flowcharts be used by Session and other Ministries in fulfilling their various responsibilities.

If we fail to plan, we plan to fail! This approach will mean that the whole budget of the church can be broken down into Ministry “pockets”, and every Ministry “pocket” can be broken down into “projects” represented by the project numbers. Once the budget has been approved by Resources Management Ministry, Session and the Congregation, the Ministry Leaders are responsible to execute the projects included into the budget. It will then put Leadership in a position to know exactly what we plan to do, when its going to be done and by whom, what we need in order to be able to do it and what it’s going to cost, to evaluate our progress and to give regular feedback to our congregation.

FM: Love Offerings (27/07/04)
  • That the counting and banking of collected love offerings happen as follows:
  • All the collection bags should be emptied by the Deacon on one table in the presence of at least one responsible witness.
  • The collection money should be counted at the same time by the Deacon plus at least 1 responsible person.
  • Both persons involved in counting the money, should be in agreement regarding the amount of money collected at the particular service/meeting, and sign a form provided by the Treasurer for the purpose (providing for the date, place, purpose of collection, amount collected, signatures of those who counted the collections), confirming the amount of money collected.
  • The Deacon should bank the money and give the bank receipt, together with the signed document, referred to above, to the Treasurer.

Although we absolutely trust our Deacon and members, we have to administer our congregation’s love offerings in a responsible way. The system has to have built-in checks and balances in order to safeguard our Deacon and Treasurer from any compromising situation that may arise.

L: Staff (20/10/03)

  • That all part time leadership positions (Ministry Leaders, Directors, Course Leaders, Cell Leaders) in our church be filled with volunteers and not with paid staff.
  • That certain tasks (part time positions) not suitable for volunteers, be done by payed part time workers (filled with paid staff).
  • That positions to be filled with paid staff, be advertised internally, and if the right person for the position can not be found within the congregation, the position will then be advertised externally.

Our church is developing as a church of small groups, in which the leadership responsibilities are evenly distributed among the members. All these volunteers spend time and effort in God’s work, and we can not discriminate by paying the one but not the other.

Session may find it necessary from time to time to get certain tasks done and can not find volunteers that are willing or able to do these tasks. Under these circumstances, it may be necessary to pay people in order to do these tasks.

Mercy Ministry

MeM: Deacons (13/10/03)

  • That the task of the Deacons be performed in future by the Mercy Ministry (MM). That the Ministry Leader of the MM will be a Deacon. That the various projects and programmes initiated by the MM, be led by Directors. That some Directors of the MM will be Deacons. That Deacons will still be elected by the congregation and installed by Session. That female members of our congregation may in future be elected as Deacons.

During our special meeting held on 11/10/03, Session decided that Deacons will not be part of Session in future. Synod decided that women are allowed to be Deacons if Deacons are not part of Session. Deacons still manage the task given to them as described in the Church Order. Deacons can mobilise Cell Groups to actually do a great deal of the Mercy Ministry, because it is one of the goals of the Cell Groups. Deacons can motivate gifted and interested members of the congregation to get involved in specific mercy projects or programmes.
Missions Ministry

New Members Ministry

NMM: Membership (23/02/04)

  • That we design and print a neat “Mansfield Christian Reformed Church Membership Certificate for Communicant Members sharing in all the rights and responsibilities that belong to full and active communicant membership”
  • That all existing members and new members officially sign the Membership Certificate
  • That the following text be printed on the Membership Certificate: 
    • “I profess that Jesus Christ is my Lord and Saviour, and I want to follow and serve Him as His disciple. I believe He is the Son of God sent to redeem the world. I love and trust Him as the One who saves me from sin; I continue to turn from my rebellion against my Lord, and embrace Him as Lord of my life with repentance and joy.
    • “I acknowledge that the teaching of the Old and New Testaments, summarised in the Apostles’ Creed and our Confessions, and taught in this Christian church, is the true and complete doctrine of salvation.
    • “I accept the gracious promises of God, sealed to me in my baptism, and affirm my union with Christ and His church, which baptism signifies.
    • “I promise to do all I can, with the help of the Holy Spirit, to strengthen my love and commitment to Christ by sharing faithfully in the life of the church and its means of grace, honouring and submitting to its supervision and discipline, and I join with the people of God in doing the work of the Lord wherever I am.
    • “Full names and Surname; “Date and place of birth; “Date and place (church) of baptism.
    • “Signed …………………… on the …………. day of ……………… 200…. Witness …………………….. Witness …………………….
    • “In the name of the Lord Jesus Christ we welcome you to full participation in the life of the church, the privileges of communion, the responsibility of exercising your gifts, the fellowship of its joys and sufferings. We rejoice in your profession and promise you our love, encouragement and prayers.

Elders Districts (31/08/10)
  • That we allocate each Ministry Leader to an elder (current or new) to have the same relationship and care/prayer role as that between the elder and his cell group leaders. There does not need to be separate elders for cell groups and ministry leaders - some elders can have 7 cell group leaders under his care, other elders can have both cell group leaders and ministry leaders under his care, whilst other elders may have only ministry leaders under his care (e.g. Phil and Herman).
  • That we task Pastor Johann to formally develop the Ministry Leaders and their Ministries (he is actually doing it already) in a similar role as Pastor Gerhard who is developing the Cell Group Leaders and the Cell Groups;
  • That we also invite all the Ministry Leaders to the quarterly cell group workshops, and then have one hour (or more) where the group divides into the Ministry Leaders and their elders, led by Pastor Johann, and the Cell Group leaders and their elders, led by Pastor Gerhard. (I know that some elders will have people in both groups, but they can take turns to attend the two different forums at successive workshops.

To strengthen the relationship with Ministry Leaders and to ensure that they have a direct communication channel to session about their pastoral and prayer needs as Ministry Leader. The objective is NOT to change the official reporting channel of Ministry Leaders - that should always be directly to session, e.g. on invitation to session meetings, but rather to encourage them in their calling as Ministry Leader.


Ministry Leaders can feel or become isolated from session if they do not have adequate communication channels and frequent communication with (someone from) session. Have an elder to care for the Ministry Leader will not only enable session to better support the various Ministries, but also to gain better insight into what is happening in the ministries. One very natural relationship that I can think of is to have Andrew also as the elder that looks after the Missions Ministry Leader. I am sure that we can come up with logical and flexible allocations without changing any of the present districts (or minimal changes if necessary). I should empasise that this model is not really anything new - we are already doing a lot things according to this model - it is just a formal way of looking at things. It would open up new formal communications channels, and I have long viewed communication one of our not so strong points. The motivation for the joint quarterly workshops is that many people will be involved with both forums (Cell Groups and Ministries), and quarterly workshops are probably the most frequent schedule that is sustainable for everyone.

Gifts HS (23/02/04)

  • That all interested parties familiarise themselves with our confessions of faith regarding
  • Holy Spirit (page 13, 28, 40f, 64, 73, 81, 93, 97, 110, 131ff, 135, 157ff, 164, 173, 181, 185, 190, 343 in our Book of Forms).
  • Prophethood of believers (page 73, 112, 249, 264, 273, 343, 345ff in our Book of Forms)
  • Gifts of the Holy Spirit (page 207, 343 in our Book of Forms)
  • That our congregation (Our World Belongs to God, art. 33, Book of Forms page 343):
    • Accepts that the Spirit’s gifts are here to stay (1 Corinthians 12-14) in rich variety – fitting responses to timely needs
    • Thankfully see each other as gifted members of the fellowship (Ephesians 4) which delights in the creative Spirit’s work
    • Believe that He gives more than enough to each believer for God’s praise and our neighbour’s welfare (Romans 12).
    • That members of our congregation, who believe that they have received a gift or gifts of the Holy Spirit, that could be edifying to the rest of the body of Christ, are urged to communicate with Session in this regard, so that Session may also seek God’s guidance, and then encourage, guide and support them in using these gifts for the edification of the body of Christ and for the glory of God.
S: Decisions Register (27/07/05)

  • That we insert all policy proposals approved by Session since 2003, into a decision register (see format of this document).

Session tends to forget what has been decided. New Session members should be able to familiarize them with the policy of our church. Members should have access to the policy of our church on certain matters

S: Membership (26/08/03)

  • That MCRC Establish an official written list of communicant members of the congregation and file this list in the relevant filing cabinet in the administrative office of the church.

See Church Order Article no 3a

S: Membership (26/08/03)

  • That, when a communicant member of CRC of Mansfield has been lawfully called to hold or exercise a special office in the church, this person will be notified in writing on an official letter head by the session clerk. That such a letter will be personally delivered to the person by a representative of Session. That the person will answer the call in writing. That all these documents will be filed in an appropriate file in the administrative church office.

See Church Order Article no 3a

Cell Groups

CG: Lighthouse (05/11/04)
  • That Lighthouse Cell Groups decentralize to the homes of cell group leaders or members on Wednesday evenings, specifically with the following character:
    • Members get a chance to eat something very light together
    • They get a chance to pray and sing together (with the aid of CD’s or available musicians in their groups)
    • They make it their business to invite new friends to their groups as the first entry point into our congregation
    • That our Cell Group Leaders be trained and well equipped and that new leaders be trained and equipped, initially “on the job” in the cell groups
    • That one Elder take responsibility as the Shepherd of every up to 7 Lighthouse cell group leaders
    • That these Elders ring their cell group leaders every week, reminding, encouraging, motivating and praying for them
    • That the Cell Group Leaders to the same … ringing their members

People like to eat and socialize. We are a church of cell groups and should encourage the initiation and functioning of these groups. Most of our young people and new people are keen to belong to cell groups.

Multiplication of Congregation (17/06/08)
  • On 17 June 2008, the Session of MCRC reaffirmed their decision made on 25/09/07, namely to intentionally work towards the numerical growth and multiplication of our cell groups, with the realistic possibility of the multiplication of our congregation as a whole. During this meeting, we also revised possible time frames and we reaffirmed our agreement to work for the realisation of the following goals (see Session member’s signatures below):
    • To involve new Reformed Oriented Australian and Migrant Students, Young Working Adults and Families residing in South East Brisbane, in evangelism oriented Cell Groups.
    • To facilitate need-oriented evangelism through which each member of these Cell Groups serves non-Christians with whom they have a personal relationship (focusing on their needs), to see to it that they hear the gospel, and to encourage contact with MCRC.
    • To put the Growth Principle of Multiplication (reproduction through multiplication, which means that the true fruit of a disciple-maker is another disciple-maker, of a cell leader is another cell leader, of an evangelist is another evangelist, of a cell group is another cell group, and that of a congregation / church is another congregation / church), into practice.
  • Session also decided, after much prayer and discussion, to be even more intentional in our thinking, by adopting the following goal:
    • To intentionally work towards the multiplication of the Mansfield congregation within 3 years (2011), establishing another congregation based on the same mission, values, growth principles and quality characteristics, within South East Brisbane.
  • As decided at a Session meeting, held on 30/10/07, Session moved into action by appointing two Home Missionaries (22.5 hours / week, each), with the sole responsibility to focus their efforts on the abovementioned goals. The positions were advertised in all CRCA churches. Rev. Gerhard Oberholzer and Br. KJ Tromp were successful applicants, and they were both appointed in these positions. They have resumed their tasks on 01/02/08. They have developed a list of potential Cell Group members and Leaders, residing within the target areas, since. They have started the process of reaching out to them (relationship building phase), and of training new Cell Leaders as an ongoing process.
We believe that these steps are bold and demonstrable steps in response to God’s calling to make disciples, baptize them and teach them (see our mission - Matthew 28:19).
Word, Sacraments & Worship Ministry

Word, Sacraments & Worship Ministry

WSW: Lord's Supper (26/07/05)
  • That we (our elders) invite all members with children in their districts, who are interested in having their children participate in the Lord’s Supper, to attend a meeting during which our pastor will explain to the parents their responsibilities regarding their children partaking in the Lord’s Supper. That these meetings be held by-monthly for any new members who haven’t attended such a meeting previously. That these meetings (maximum 30 minutes) be held, preferably on the Sunday morning prior to Lord’s Supper (second last Sunday of the month on which Lord’s Supper will be held) after church.

It will involve the elders in their role as overseers. It will put the main responsibility on the parents (to testify that their children have an evident, though nominal, faith in Jesus Christ as the Lord of their lives) who committed themselves to instruct their children in the fear of the Lord, and to lead them to conversion and faith (BOF p.182), when they brought their children to be baptized

WSW: Lord's Supper & Children (31/08/04)

  • That Session accept Article 31 (Children & Church Membership), page 1-33 of Acts of Synod 2003 of CRCA, as the basis of our approach to Children at the Lord’s Table, and therefore only require “a basic understanding of the Gospel for participating in the Lord’s Supper”, and accepts that “for our members this requires a profession of faith” which “does not require a comprehensive knowledge and understanding of our Confessions”.
  • Accepts that, “through ongoing instruction, we may grow in unity in the truth for which our Lord prayed” in John 1716,23.
  • Accepts that there is “no biblical requirement that a profession of faith be made at a public service of worship” (page 111-85).
  • Accepts responsibility to ensure that those who participate at the Table understand what they are doing and have an evident commitment to Christ” (page 111-85).
  • Accepts the judgment of parents in this regard, and therefore
    • Allows those children, who have not yet confessed their faith in a public worship service, but who, in the judgment of their parents, understand what they are doing when participating at the Table and who have an evident commitment to Christ to participate in the Lord’s Supper, under the guidance of their parents.

See Article 31 and supporting Synodical reports

WSW: Speakers (23/02/04)

  • That Session encourages Ministries and Cell Groups of MCRC, to invite specialists in their fields to address them at official gatherings and meetings, in as far as the contributions of these speakers enhance the realisation of the mission of MCRC, and respect our confessions and values.
  • That Session will be notified well in advance, via e-mail or written letter of the intention to invite a particular speaker to address the meeting or group, a. of the date and place of the meeting and b. of the topic to be covered by the speaker, c. of the credentials of the speaker (i.e. a resume of the speaker).
  • That the speaker agrees not to be controversial, or to preach or teach anything in any way whatsoever, that is unbiblical or goes against our confessions as a Christian Reformed Church.
New Order of Service for Family Service (29/07/08)
  • The main goal of this proposal is to give 
    • our teachers (and children) the opportunity to attend the sermon if they choose to, or to leave during the sermon if they choose to
    • our children enough time for Kingdom Kids (Sunday School),
    • our members enough time to socialize
    • our families enough time to take care of family activities after church.
  • In order to reach this goal, we have to maintain at least the following points of departure as a baseline:
    • All kids at least the first 15 minutes in church
    • Sermon time at least 30 minutes
    • Worship time before sermon at least 10 minutes and after sermon at least another 10 minutes
    • Kids Talk at least on ‘No Kingdom Kids Sundays’
    • Children’s choir sing at least one (last) Sunday of month in church
    • Family Service should take the form of a Children’s Service at least once per quarter, without Kingdom Kids after service
    • Kingdom Kids should have at least 45 minutes (30 min lesson time, 15 min worship time) available
    • Both parents & Teachers have a CHOICE. Teachers have a choice whether they want to stay in church for the sermon or join the Kingdom Kids Worship in the hall during the sermon. Parents have a choice whether they want their children to stay in church with them during the sermon, or to send them to Kingdom Kids Worship in the hall during the sermon.


8.30, [35 min], P&W Team rehearsal
9.15, [10 min], People enter church and settle in while Musicians take a short break from rehearsals, Visual Announcements, Use the time to show short, well prepared video or DVD clips or power point presentations, informing the congregation of activities our congregation has been or could be involved in, and/or CD With edifying music to be played.


1. 9:30, [5 min], Welcome, Greeting, Call to Worship, Rules for Living, Assurance of Pardon, Led by Leader of Service.
2. 9:35, [10 min], Praise & Worship, P&W Team
3. 9:15, [5 min], Kid’s Talk (takes place in church only on ‘No Kingdom Kids Sundays’… during Lord’s Supper, school holidays, and long weekends… otherwise takes place in hall combined with Kingdom Kids Worship, during sermon in church), Led by person rostered for Kid’s Talk
4. 9:45, [5 min], Scripture Reading & Prayer, Led by rostered Reader, After this bracket, on ‘Kingdom Kids Sundays’, a visual slide on the white screen will announce: “Those kids who want to go to Kids Talk and Kids Praise can exit to Hall. Those who want to listen to the sermon in church can exit to Hall just after the sermon, for Kids Lesson”. (Explanation:  Parents either CHOOSE to keep their children with them during the sermon OR to sent children to join Kids Talk & Kids Praise in Hall during sermon. Teachers CHOOSE to stay in church for sermon, OR to join Kids Talk & Kids Praise in Hall, only to join Kids Lessons after the sermon.
5. 9:50, [25 min], Sermon
6. 10:15. [10 min], Moment of Contemplation & Worship & Testimony. During moment of Contemplation, teachers who CHOSE to stay for sermon move straight to their Kids Lesson Classes to teach. Sound: Play soft edifying background music… while Worship Team moves to platform and spontaneously leads us in Worship
7. 10:25, [5 min], Congregational Prayer & Intercession, Led by Duty Elder or person arranged by Duty Elder
8. 10.30, [5 min],Love Offering, Announced by Duty Elder, who also welcomes visitors, new families and invites them for coffee after service. He asks people to sit down for the Benediction, after the Doxology song. CD With edifying music to be played during Love Offering, or P&W Team familiarise congregation with new song.
9. 10:35, [3 min], Doxology Song, Worship Team.
10. 10:35, [2 min], Benediction / Blessing,Led by Leader of Service: “The grace of the Lord Jesus Christ and the love of God and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit be with you all.”
11. Invitation for Special Prayer: “If any one of you would like to dedicate your life to Christ, or who need special prayer for any reason… then please feel free to come to the front just after the announcements. Members of our prayer team will be waiting here for you.”

10.40, [5 min], Announcements & DVD’s Feedback, Guest Speaker from time to time, Led by Duty Elder, (This is not a second worship service!), Verbal Announcements. Make only very important verbal announcements. Be to the point! Refer to Website for more information. Guest Speakers has to be pre-arranged with Session. People invited for coffee / tea (‘New Aussies’ involve ‘Old Aussies’ in social interaction

13. Sound, Play CD with edifying music
14. Special Prayer, Prayer Team, Pray for those who need special prayer… and if there is no one, we’ll pray for our congregation.
15. 10.45, Socialize, People socialize in Hall, Kingdom Kids Lessons finished!

KINGDOM KIDS (Kids Wrship & Kids Lessons]
1. 9.50, [5 min], Those Teachers & Children who CHOOSE not to sit through the sermon, leave for Kids Praise in Hall, Kids Praise Leaders & Teachers & Children
2. 9.55, [15 min], Kids Praise, Kids Praise Leaders
3. 10.15, [30 min], Kids Lessons (Classes), All Teachers
4. 10.45, Kingdom Kids Classes Closed

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