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To enhance the realisation of our mission
  • by teaching our children (age pre-school-12) the gospel of Jesus Christ and the history of God’s revelation to mankind (Biblical narratives of God’s revelation),
  • by worshiping God with joy and contagious enthusiasm,
  • by applying the Bible’s message to daily life,
  • by having fellowship with each other,
  • by training Sunday School Teachers how to lead their classes in the same way as Cell Groups,
  • by developing as an integrated part of the whole congregation of Cell Groups.
Application to be a Kingdom Kids Leader

In order to become a Kingdom Kids Leader, you have to work through the Child Protection & Safety Manual.

Please work throught the manual, and fill out Appendix A.
  • Appendix A:  Application to Serve in Children's / Youth Ministry
  • Appendix B:  Checklist for reporting a disclosure (of sexual abuse / harrassment)
  • Appendix C:  Personal Information Required for Excursion / Camp / Activity
  • Appendix D:  Incident Report Form
  • Appendix E: Offsite from Church Program Register
Kids Worship

Parents please be advised that our order of service provides for the Sunday School to take place during our morning service in the following way:

Kids from the ages of 4-10 are encouraged to attend the Kids Talk and Praise and Worship in the hall, leaving the church building after the Scripture Reading (If younger children wants to attend, we ask that one of the parents accompany them).

Kids between the ages of 11 and 15 leave the church building after the sermon and that is the time when the formal Sunday school starts. Our order of service provides for half an hour to finish the lesson. Please allow the children to finish their lesson (11 am) before entering the class rooms. In this way we are productive with our syllabus and our kids receive the best quality of religious teaching we are able to offer. Please arrange with the teacher before the class, in case of special circumstances.

Thank you for your understanding and cooperation, we really appreciate it!

The Kingdom Kids Leaders

Further enquiries: Rev. Gerhard/ Obee (0430 496 292)

Websites with excellent lesson material
  • (Walk with me)
  • The 2 year plan:
  • (Connect)

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