"Towards Wholeness" Seminar

You are cordially invited to attend the next presentation of this very important seminar!

"Towards Wholeness" is a seminar focusing on understanding Stress, and the basic building blocks for a God honouring and Wholesome Lifestyle. If you are interested in the well researched principle behind enriching your personlal life and relationships, then this is the one seminar you should not miss!

As Christian Counsellor and Pastoral Therapist, I want to personally invite you to this seminar, because I believe I have a moral duty to share information with you that will impact, not only the quality of your life and relationships, but also your physical and spiritual health.

The information is not only well researched and evidence based, but also evident of God's great wisdom as Creator, lovingly sustaining the work of his hands. I believe it is critically important that every person has to know the disruptive impact of stress and how to deal with it in a God honouring manner.

Speaker: Dr. Johann Eloff
Date: 11 April, from 4-7 pm.
Place: Corner of Ham and Wishart Road, Wishart, Brisbane.
Cost: $50 per person.

To register for this seminar, please phone 040 536 4361.

Who should attend:

If you are too busy, anxious, depressed, unhealthy, heartbroken, scared or feel too much of a failure to attend the seminar, then you are exactly the person who will benefit from it!
If you are none of the above and think you'll be OK, then you need this seminar more than those above!
If you live with one of the above, this seminar will help you understand and support them better!

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