RMM Position Descriptions & Referenced Documents

Referenced documents

MR-F-FIN-001 MCRC Budget Process
MR-F-FIN-002 MCRC Payment Requisition Form & Process
MR-F-HR-001 MCRC Leave Application Form & Process
MR-R-FIN-001 MCRC Annual Budget
MR-R-FIN-002 MCRC Actuals vs. Budget Report
MR-R-AVT-001 MCRC Audio & Visual Preferred Suppliers Register
MR-R-AVT-002 MCRC Audio & Visual Infrastructure Register
MR-R-IT-001 MCRC IT & Telco Preferred Suppliers Register
MR-R-IT-002 MCRC IT Infrastructure Register
MR-R-FIX-001 MCRC Maintenance Preferred Suppliers Register

A. Treasurer
1. Oversee the Bookkeeping function.
2. Approve payments created by the Bookkeeper via online banking.
3. Liaise with the ATO in matters escalated by the Bookkeeper.
4. Responsible for financial risk management and ensure that all relevant risks are adequately insured.
5. Calculate the monthly contribution to prescribed offerings in conjunction with the Missions Ministry Leader.
6. Prepare the annual RMM Administration budget submission as per MR-F-FIN-001.
7. Serve on the Remuneration Committee.
8. Serve on the Budget Committee.
9. Liaise with the appointed auditors to conduct the annual audit and prepare the annual financial statements.
10. Convene the Annual General Meeting (AGM) to present the annual financial statements to the congregation and to appoint the auditors for the next year.
11. Ensure that MCRC comply with all statutory and lodgement requirements.

B. Bookkeeper (accountant@mansfield-crc.com)
1. Bank tithings and collections from MCRC services (weekly).
2. Capture all transactions in MYOB.
3. Prepare and process journals (monthly).
4. Reconcile and process all income and expenses on bank statements.
5. Manage cash flow by transferring funds between MCRC bank accounts as needed.
6. Process petty cash expenses.
7. Process accounts payable (creditors).
8. Invoice debtors as and when required.
9. Ensure that payment requisitions are complete and duly authorised before processing as per MR-F-FIN-002.
10. Load payments for approval via online banking and prepare cheques for payment.
11. Ensure that salaries are paid on time (using recurring payments where applicable).
12. Process leave requests and maintain leave register as per MR-F-HR-001.
13. Prepare and distribute monthly pay slips to all employees.
14. Prepare annual PAYG payment summary for employees and lodge with ATO.
15. Prepare monthly financial statements from MYOB and “Actuals vs. Budget report” (MR-R-FIN-002) for the MCRC treasurer and the RMM Leader.
16. Make Super payments to nominated Super funds and the CRCA (ministers) – (quarterly).
17. Pay Synodical quota and prescribed offerings to the CRCA (quarterly).
18. Liaise with the CRCA treasurer where necessary.
19. Complete and lodge BAS returns to the ATO (quarterly).
20. Liaise with the ATO and escalate unresolved issues to the Treasurer where necessary.
21. Cooperate with the Auditors during the annual audit.
22. Collect mail from the MCRC mail box in Mansfield (weekly).

C. RMM member for Maintenance
1. Oversee and coordinate maintenance of physical infrastructure of the church building, hall and sheds, including annual pest inspections.
2. Oversee and coordinate maintenance of equipment (e.g. vacuum cleaners) other than IT equipment and Audio & Visual equipment.
3. Maintain list of preferred suppliers (MR-R-FIX-001), e.g. electrician, plumber, etc.
4. Responsible for Occupational Health & Safety (OHS), e.g. annual tagging of all electrical equipment.
5. Plan and organise quarterly working bees for cleaning gutters, painting, etc.
6. Prepare annual budget submission for all maintenance activities as per MR-F-FIN-001.

D. RMM member for Information Technology (IT)
1. Oversee and coordinate maintenance of Information Technology (IT) equipment in the church building and hall, other than Audio & Visual equipment.
2. Maintain register of all IT equipment (MR-R-IT-002), including serial numbers, configuration, primary usage (user) and credentials, e.g. WIFI SSID & password.
3. Maintain list of preferred IT & Telco (data) suppliers (MR-R-IT-001) and accounts.
4. Plan the acquisition of new IT equipment by reviewing existing utilisation and also by consulting with the RMM member for Audio & Visual Technology.
5. Responsible for IT Risk management, including:
a. The implementation of a uniform anti-virus and malware protection strategy;
b. Compiling an information distribution policy and guidelines regarding the handling of Personal Identifying Information by all ministry leaders, cell group leaders and members of ministries;
c. Compiling an information storage and backup policy regarding the church membership database and possibly the church website.
6. Prepare annual budget submission for all IT requirements as per MR-F-FIN-001.

E. RMM member for Audio & Visual Technology (AVT)
1. Oversee and coordinate maintenance of Audio & Visual Technology equipment in the church building and hall.
2. Maintain register (MR-R-AVT-002) of all Audio & Visual Technology equipment, including model and serial numbers.
3. Maintain list of preferred Audio & Visual Technology suppliers (MR-R-AVT-001).
4. Plan the acquisition of new Audio & Visual Technology equipment by consulting with the RMM member for IT as well as the WSW team.
5. Provide input to the annual budget submission of the WSW ministry as per MR-F-FIN-001.

F. Elder for MCRC personnel (Session member not RMM member)
The Elder for MCRC personnel is a Session member and not an RMM member, but his responsibilities are listed here since it complement and tie in with the RMM HR function:
1. Convene a strategic planning meeting(s) with the Pastoral team to formulate and motivate any proposed changes in positions, role descriptions and hours worked as part of the annual budget process as per MR-F-FIN-001.
2. Prepare the annual budget submission for personnel related expenses, e.g. conference, training and membership fees.
3. Chair the remuneration committee as per MR-F-FIN-001.
4. Approve leave requests of the Pastoral team as per MR-F-HR-001.
5. Liaise with employees in queries and provide feedback about terms and conditions of employment.
6. Work with the RMM Leader to ensure that all service contracts are up to date.
7. Engage with employees to resolve any disputes about terms and conditions of employment.

G. RMM member for HR
1. Gain legal advice when compiling new service (employment) contracts.
2. Ensure that all service contracts comply with the Church Order.
3. Inform the RMM Leader and the Elder for MCRC Personnel when employment contracts are due for renewal.
4. Provide support to Elder for MCRC personnel in HR related queries from employees, e.g. super related enquiries.

H. RMM Leader (rmm@mansfield-crc.com)
1. Coordinate all the RMM functions listed above.
2. Convene regular RMM meetings to ensure that planning is done as a team and that action items are scheduled and minuted (quarterly).
3. Attend Session meetings to liaise with session on all RMM matters.
4. Chair the Budget Committee and drive the budget process as per MR-F-FIN-001.
5. Serve on the Remuneration Committee.
6. Submit the MCRC budget (MR-R-FIN-001) to session for approval.
7. Examine and distribute the monthly “Actuals vs. Budget report” (MR-R-FIN-002) to all the ministry leaders.

Regular meetings
Most of the communication between RMM members takes place informally via telephone calls, emails and SMS text messages. The RMM team also have formal meetings every quarter. Other MCRC leaders such as the Catering Ministry Leader and representatives from the Pastoral team are invited to the quarterly meetings to ensure that all the relevant issues are brought to the table.

Friends of RMM
The RMM team depends on the help of other congregation members with specialised knowledge, for example lawyers, barristers, IT experts, etc. We always welcome people who are willing to roll up their sleeves and walk the talk!


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