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MCRC Collections Count Form

MCRC Collections Count Form (Last update: 22/07/13)

Refer to page 2 of this document for the process on how to fill out this form.

Date: ___________________________________          

Service: _________________________________
(e.g. Family, Afrikaans, Connect, etc)

Two people must count the collections:

Name 1: _________________________________           

Name 2:__________________________________

Collections counted:

QTY counted
QTY counted












Total Notes
Total Notes

Cash Total:                  $_______________________________ (Total Notes + Total Coins)

Cheques:                     $_______________________________

Service Total:            $_______________________________ (Cash Total + Cheques)

Special Comments:     

Signed by person counting – Name 1

Signed by person counting – Name 2

RM-F-FIN-003 / Page 1                                                    

MCRC Collections Count Process

  1. Two deacons must count the collection after each service. If there is only one deacon available, he must ask any MCRC member to count with him. If no deacons are available then the duty elder must assume the counting responsibility and ask any MCRC member to count with him.
  1. Hard copies of the MCRC Collections Count Form (refer to page 1 of this document) are kept in the blue file that is stored on the top of the wall mounted safe in the Church office. A large green leather bag containing smaller labelled leather bags (one for each service type) and a blue carbon copy receipt book is also kept on top of the safe.
  1. Record the quantity of each denomination counted on the MCRC Collection Count Form and then calculate the $ amount for each denomination as well as the totals. Write the Service total from the MCRC Collections Count Form into blue carbon copy receipt book. Sign and return the blue receipt book to the green leather bag. PLEAS DO NOT TEAR ANY PAGES FROM THE BLUE CARBON COPY RECIEPT BOOK!
  1. Place the counted money into the applicable smaller leather bag labelled for the service type and put this leather bag with the money into the wall-mounted safe. Please obtain the code of the safe from the lead deacon if it is not known to the deacon on duty – please do not hide the money without promptly informing the bookkeeper!
  1.  Complete all the fields of the MCRC Collections Count Form and sign it. File the completed MCRC Collections Count form in the blue folder, and return the blue folder and the large green leather bag to top of the safe.
  1. The lead deacon is responsible to make double sided copies of the MCRC Collection Count Form (i.e. with the MCRC Collections Count Process on the back side) from time to time so that there are always sufficient blank forms available in the blue file.
  1. The Bookkeeper collects. Cross checks and banks the collections weekly.

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