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August, September, October In these months I am in special ways aware of the gift of faith. Grace. In memories and celebrations there is gratitude for the many mercies we - our congregation, my family and me - received.

The birthday of Mansfield Christian Reformed Church was on 30 August (in four years 40 years, DV!), and on 3 August our family was privileged to be in Mansfield for a full decade! Thank you for welcoming us.

We were blessed here in many ways by many people who also love the LORD; we could serve in various ministries, and work with others, also immersed in their calling to serve. I was so inspired by so many of you, never to forget Thinus whose funeral we had on 7 October two years ago, and how he influenced my serving in church in a steadfast way. Like Keith Moerman taught me too: only our BEST for God! Because He is worthy of our best reading, our best singing, our best playing, our best drumming, sound and slides; our best sermons with the unique voice He forms in each preacher; our best in announcing matters of importance and fun; our best in addressing Him in prayer as loving, righteous heavenly Father with boldness and in faith in the name of Jesus Christ our Saviour; our best in giving the Holy Spirit space so that we may be more aware of His Presence near us and to hear His voice by PAUSE-ing a few holy seconds after worship and Amens and Blessings, and just breathe in between sentences; yes, giving our best in cleaning tables and the kitchen bin for the next group of worshipers; our best in ironing cloths with a joyful heart, our best in helping at working bees, and our best in preparing for Sunday school and cell group meetings, focusing on Jesus Christ as our centre and Gods Word. And that is only a part of the dynamic life we enjoy in church!

I am sad I left my good habit of writing cards. I would like to be more like tannie Joy with birthday cards and thank yous - it makes one feel special. I was so blessed with cards from others when I returned from my Dads memorial service in September 2009. Thank you! I read them again now and then (one needs old greeting cards; such mail is scarce). And thanks for the cooked meals and impressive muffins you brought our family in the three weeks of my absence from home.

When my parents-in-law died in October 2011 and last year July, I realized that we all need to make more of an effort to reach out to those members of the family, or friends who can not go to the funeral or sick one, the ones maybe not so closely related to the deceased. They too know loss. And it hurts.

I love our church! And I am so blessed to have a home here apart from the home where we all will be at Home some Day. Thank you that I could be part of this family of believers and seekers for ten years now. May you be blessed! By Him who blesses us - not for our sake, but HIS, for I am the LORD, your God (Isaiah 43:3).

When our worship teams have practice, we have the invitation to come and sing along, and since the previous Thursday night these lyrics are ringing the Truth in me: Youre a good, góód Father. And I am loved by You. Thank You

- Rita de Waard

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